Zebra Production is specialized in audio-visual productions. It is developed on a wide range of innovative projects in field of video, film, new media, theater, and site-specific events. The organization functions as an independent unit of Zebra Creative Network which bases its working structure on proactive professional networking. It main activities are focused on research, production and promotion of new tendencies in contemporary art, culture and on a larger scope of current creative industries. Zebra production shares its curriculum with Zebra Creative Network by providing production support to its projects. However last two years the organization is primary directed on experimental, documentary and feature film productions. Working actively on several ongoing projects Zebra aims to develop contemporary art production based on international collaboration, to create a sustainable platform for professional networking, to provide new avenues for implementation of innovative audio-video practices and to progress the distribution of new art forms closely connected to filmmaking.

Zebra Creative Network was founded in the year 2008. as an nonprofit organization with a primary cause for crating and open platform for connecting all sorts of models for creative practices and for active presentation of new contemporary artistic tendencies to a wide range of social communities. The mission of the organization is creating a sustainable and well-connected system that could facilitate continues production bases for creation, innovation and finally presentation of a wider spectrum of contemporary creativity. Organization’s field of interest is directed at wider range of innovative projects in art, culture, production, and education but its operational base is founded on networking and international collaboration. Most of organizational efforts involve active promotion, presentation, production and education in the contemporary artistic practices by creating (financial) production backup and developing proactive models for networking and collaboration with compatible organizations, further involvement of Croatian artists in the international art scene and reactionary influence by spreading of awareness on financially deficient artistic activities with the goal in the creation of sustainable conditions for growth and opening possibilities for more employments within the cultural field.