Zebra Creative Network is a creative platform for professional exchange in production, promotion and presentation of innovative audio-visual art forms. Zebra combines two independent professional units: Zebra Creative Production (company for film, new media and audio-video production) and Greta Art Center (association for creative presentations and contemporary art promotions). Zebra was founded in 2008 as an art organization that gathers designers, filmmakers, architects and new media developers. It has developed a wide range of innovative projects in the field of video, film, multimedia, theatre and site specific events. Today it stands for the most progressive organization in professional networking that has provided an breakthrough opportunity for several hundred professionals on national and international level. our working strategy is bassed on active networking and providing an ongoing possibility for promotion and presentation . it is dominantly visible through the program of greta art space which has gained the important position, not only on the cultural scene in the city of zagreb, but also in the wider region. this program represents a new exhibition concept and a whole new way of presenting contemporary art in the immediate urban environment. gretas was opened in april of 2011 as an independent, non-profit cultural and urban initiative in the interior of the abandoned boutique on a busy city location near the british square, the academy of fine arts and the faculty of architecture. its space capacity and a good location represent excellent starting point for launching a wide range of cultural and educational activities. the program that has been continuously running has been focused primarily on the presentation of contemporary visual art in the immediate urban environment. the initiative to launch such gallery has been a direct response to the evident public needs in culture. program structure is an innovation on the usual gallery scene with its intensive exhibition pace, with the opening of a new exhibition every monday and organization of various educational and creative presentation program through the rest of the week. unlike other galleries, greta works as an open platform for contemporary art which circumvents the usual institutional procedures. in greta gallery it is possible to see reputable artists from home and abroad, but it, also, opens the door to young and still unknown artists. greta has been, within one year, recognized as a truly independent cultural initiative. the entire project is based on a strong enthusiasm and has great support of both, the public and the profession.